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A joint effort to prevent rice oxidation by our Mr James Foo and Tokyo Automatic Machine Works 24 years ago had led to the existance of CO2 treated package rice. The research on the CO2 treated hibernated rice consequently turned out to be a success. Therefore, in mid 1983, Kwong Sun Food Products brought the CO2 treated Thai fragrant rice, which is packed in 2 and 5 kilos, for sale in local convenient stores and supermarkets.

Our success story had led numerous competitors to follow our packaging technology, thus giving birth to our second generation  of CO2 packaged rice in 1990. Up to today, our latest CO2 packaging technology guarantees lower oxygen residue in every pack of our rice; as a result, the quality of the CO2 treated rice could retain it's optimal level, as it was freshly milled from the field. Also, in cooperation with Kwong Sun Hong, we consider ourselves the largest packaged rice supplier related to rice variaties in the market. Besides the aromatic rich Thai fragrant rice, we also supply nutritious Thai Red Rice , Thai Brown Rice, Thai White Glutinous Rice, Exotic Thai Black Glutinous Rice, Thai Black Fragrant Rice, U.S. M-401 Medium Grain, Thai Black Fragrant Rice.....and more, packed in 1, 2, and 5 kilos size  respectively.

As one of the market leaders in Hong Kong , we have confidence in supplying our best quality of packaged rice for local and international distribution.  To find  out more about our services and products,  please feel free to contact our Mr. Gerald Cheung by telephone #( 852) 2545-1666, or fax #( 852) 2854-1308 or e-mail  at ksf@kwongsun.com.

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